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  November 2008 ACL REFLECTOR NEWS  
New website launch
ACL Triangle Reflektors


About us
Launch of new website www.reflektor.com

ACL-Lichttechnik GmbH, one of the leading reflector manu-facturers worldwide, is proud to anounce the launch of it’s brand new customer-focused, inter-active website.

The site www.reflektor.com contains many features such as latest product and company news, detailed information about the full range of ACL standard reflectors as well as improved usability and navigation. Several request forms guarantee an optimum interaction between all site visitors and ACL sales and technical staff members. Elements on the site are placed according to the way users view and interact with the site, and information is easy to find so no “hunting” is required. Advance notices and exclusive news about new products and services along with in-depth product descriptions and detailed photometric data can be easily accessed in the customer protected area of this site which can only be entered by current clients of ACL-Lichttechnik GmbH.

“We are excited to have created this extensive portal for all kinds of reflectors and reflector technology”, said Hans-Joachim Schurig, President and CEO of ACL-Lichttechnik GmbH. “It’s second-to-none in providing professional reflector information for prospective and current clients.”

To experience ACL’s innovative website firsthand, visit www.reflektor.com or call +49-(0)2173-9753-12 for further information about all site features.



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Product Presentation
ACL Triangle Reflectors

ACL Triangle Reflectors: exceptional shape with outstanding photometric properties. Nothing less than revo-lutionary in aesthetics and innovative in lighting technology. The new triangular downlight series takes the stage with a variety of different models for different lamp types. All high-tech models excel in high light output ratios, high functionality and excellent workmanship.

For further information please click here or call our customer service. We would be pleased to also provide you with an offer about a special triangular shape which can be realised with little effort.


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